Top 10 Cities Colombia

1. Bogota, Colombia

Top 10 Cities Bogota Culture driven city, wander through its historical areas, and view its diversity of colonial churches to high rises, markets, parks, cafes, museums, great nightlife and theatres.


2. Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Top 10 Cities Villa de Leyva Where culture and adventure can be done in one place, its white washed walls and cobble stone path line the colonial town of Villa de Leyva, visit museums, craft shops, view its colonial architecture or climb the Sagrado Corazon.


3. Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

Top 10 Cities Ciudad Perdida The "Lost City" located in the middle of the Colombian jungle is an ancient ruined city with astonishing views. Swim and trek to its nearby waterfalls and stream through the jungle.


4. Providencia, Colombia

Top 10 Cities Providencia Hire a moped and ride around the Caribbean island whilst viewing the breath taking views. Experience fishing and scuba diving or see its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and volcanic scenery.


5. Parque Nacional Tayrona, Colombia

Top 10 Destinations Parque Nacional Tayrona Jungle covered coastline, surrounding mountain range, snorkel or scuba dive it beaches bordered by coral reefs. What more could you ask for?


6. Cartagena, Colombia

Top 10 Cities Cartagena UNESCO World Heritage site, it walls and fortress once repelled pirates in its early days. Its colonial charm will drive you to explore its maze of cobbled alleys, churches, fancy restaurants, architecture, open air cafes and nearby island.


7. Mompos, Colombia

Top 10 Cities Mompos Known as the second Memphis, Mompos is surrounded by muddy rivers and thick vegetation. View local handmade gold jewerely , the museum of colonial architecture or partake in a workshop of the towns specialty in furniture and rocking chairs.


8. San Gil, Colombia

Top 10 Cities San Gil Experience the never ending list of activities and things to see in the adventure capital of Colombia. To name a few rafting, rappelling, caving, hiking, paragliding, abseiling, rock climbing, swimming.


9. Parque Nacional El Cocuy, Colombia

Top 10 Destinations Parque Nacional El Cocuy One of the world's best kept hiking secrets, appreciate its spectacular snow-capped peaks, glaciers, soaring waterfalls and camp by its pristine lakes. Hiking is accessible from the village El Cocuy.


10. San Andres, Colombia

Top 10 Cities San Andres Crystal clear waters attract many tourists to this sunny island haven of white sandy beaches, thriving nightlife and shopping. Take a cruise around the Caribbean island, its waters are known as the seven-coloured sea.