Top 10 Cities Peru

1. Lake Titicaca, Peru

Top 10 Cities Lake Titicaca The world's largest lake is populated by 14 species of fish, 18 species of amphibians, breath taking views, local hand craft markets and gorgeous floating islands. It picturesque scenery is a photographers dream.


2. Arequipa, Peru

Top 10 Cities Arequipa Known as the "White City" and as the base for the Andes it's surrounding include snowy active volcanoes, deserts, salt lakes, deep canyons and thermal hot springs. See the icy Inca mummies at the Santury museum, try it spicy food and dance the night away.


3. Lima, Peru

Top 10 Cities Lima View its historical buildings, wealthy colonial mansions, and cathedrals in Lima - the City of Kings. Experience museums, surfing, beach resorts, Peruvian cuisine, fountain parks, drink Pisco Sour with locals (grape brandy).


4. Amazon river, Peru

Top 10 Destinations Amazon river Float down South America's greatest river to find isolated villages, 3,000 species of fish, the anaconda snake, and local tribes. Experience canoeing, boat cruising, wildlife spotting and fish for piranhas. The great river is accessible from the town of Iquitos.


5. Mancora, Peru

Top 10 Cities Mancora Peru's best warm water, surf beaches stretches for kilometres, its resorts, nightlife and fishing community are a must see for sun seekers, surfers and kite surfers.


6. Nazca, Peru

Top 10 Cities Nazca World famous for its unexplainable Nazca lines, its massive drawings across the desert sand mark Nazca a mystery. Coastal mountains and desert flats surround the small town that specialise in Nazca ceramics and textiles.


7. Machu Picchu, Peru

Top 10 Destinations Machu Picchu The ancient ruins of the Inca city swallowed by jungle are a must see, as one of the 7th wonders of the world. The archaeological site can be reached by a 4 day trek on the Inca trail through the town of Cusco.


8. Huancavelica, Peru

Top 10 Cities Huancavelica Colonial buildings inhibit the small relaxed town of Huancavelica, nestled between 4000 metre high mountains its location can be hard to reach although its panoramic views and thermal baths are worth the trip.


9. Chivay, Peru

Top 10 Cities Chivay Gorgeous town situated near the amazing Colca canyon, activities include bathing in hot spring swimming pools and nearby thermal springs, crossing the stone Inca Bridge and finding bargains at the local markets.


10. Paracas, Peru

Top 10 Cities Paracas The capital of Venezuela separated from the Caribbean by beautiful landscape in a valley overlooked by Mount Avila, the city boasts worldly cuisine, great nightlife, tours to nearby islands and wild life reserves.