Top 10 Cities Venezuela

1. Angel Falls, Venezuela

Top 10 Destinations Angel Falls Venezuela’s top tourist attraction, the world’s highest waterfall nearly 1km of drop, its spectacular scenery situated in isolated jungle is a significant adventure for trekkers. After venturing through the jungle unwind in the natural pools beneath the falls or swim in the white sandy beaches surrounding the lagoon.


2. Coro, Venezuela

Top 10 Cities Coro UNESCO world heritage site, the small deteriorating coastal town of Coro boasts colonial architecture, cathedral and museums. Enjoy Coro by simply walking through its enchanting paved pathways and visit the nearby sand dunes of Coro.


3. Merida State, Venezuela

Top 10 Cities Merida State Known for its statues and 33 parks and as a base to the Andes, Merida offers everything from horse riding, mountain biking, white water rafting, mountaineering, trekking, paragliding


4. Los Roques, Venezuela

Top 10 Destinations Parque Nacional Venezuela’s islands of national parks, exhibits stunning beaches, picturesque valleys and is home to many species of birds. Its crystalline Caribbean warm waters make fishing, diving, sailing, windsurfing and lobster catching paradise.


5. Henri Pittier, Venezuela

Top 10 Destinations Henri Pittier Venezuela’s oldest national park is home to over 500 species of birds, lined with mountains, sharp coast lines, bays, beaches and resorts. Along the coastline are many superb spots for snorkelling, swimming, diving and relaxing on deserted beaches.


6. Los Llanos, Venezuela

Top 10 Cities Los Llanos These grassy wetlands are the best place in Venezuela for wild life watching its population include birds, giant anacondas, jaguars, pumas, ocelots, piranhas and caimans (crocodiles).


7. Amazon, Venezuela

Top 10 Destinations Amazon Venture through the Amazon’s unspoilt rainforest in Venezuela's south, the least visited stretch with 1500 species of plants and 400 species of birds. Accessible through Puerto Ayacucho, white water rafting, viewing petroglyphs and bass fishing is a must do.


8. Roraima, Venezuela

Top 10 Cities Roraima The highest flat top mountain of the Pakaraima chain of Tepui plateau with 400 metre high cliffs. Accessible from the village of Paraitepui experience hiking to its lunar plateau, climbing the peak or view the spectacular scenery from the helicopter tours.


9. Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

Top 10 Destinations Isla de Margarita Resort paradise; relax by a palm tree by the turquoise waters at this spectacular Caribbean escape. Venture to its national parks, nature reserves, colonial forts and churches

10. Caracas, Venezuela

Top 10 Cities Caracas Salsa through Venezuela's capital city experiencing world class museums, crazy nightlife, diverse cuisine, street markets, participate in cultural activities and as the base for tourism attractions visit Llanos and the world's largest water fall Angel Falls.